DBT Treatment Program For Teens

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DBT Treatment Program For Teens

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, is a psychological behavioral treatment that includes individual therapy and group training classes that emphasize skills that can be learned and then put those skills to work for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The main objective that a DBT Treatment Program For Teens offers is for the child to develop the goal of a life worth living. Evolve Treatment Centers provides this type of beneficial therapy that can allow your child a healthier and happier outlook on life.

For over the last several years, Evolve Treatment Centers has developed innovative and unique approaches to our DBT Treatment Program For Teens. We provide a holistic experience for teens who feel that they have no reason to keep on living, as desperation and a feeling of worthlessness have set into their minds. Teenagers already have a difficult time fitting in, and when bad behavior and poor thoughts are profound, it can be even harder for them to find a way to cope and deal with events and situations.

DBT treatment provides many benefits and is an extremely effective program for teens and their families:

Reduces Risky Behavior
Teenagers who develop deep-seated mental health problems oftentimes contemplate harming themselves and even consider taking their own lives. Many teens become so desperate and alone that they feel there is no way out, and because of these thoughts and feelings, they may harm themselves or others around them. Our DBT approach teaches these children how to learn to cope with and handle these emotions.

Increases Coping Abilities
Communication is a key for any type of meaningful relationship, and our therapy methods center around this very idea. We teach your child how to communicate in our group sessions and how to learn to accept certain emotions and feelings. We also show your child how they can be more accepting of themselves and how to enjoy the present moment.

Decreases Unacceptable Behaviors
Our DBT Treatment Program For Teens teaches your child which types of behavior are acceptable, and which ones won’t be tolerated. Many teens turn to physical aggression against others as a way to deal with their anger and depression. We also focus on academic performance, along with substance abuse and stresses and worries regarding school and home.

At Evolve Treatment Centers, we understand the importance of having the entire family participate in many of our activities. Family members or caregivers will be involved in many of the counseling sessions that we offer, and participation is the key to this type of therapy’s success. We provide weekly individual family sessions where children and their family members will discuss how they can all work together for a happier and more healthy relationship.

We also offer multi-family support groups where several families, their children and our therapists will all work together. This allow families to learn from other families some of the mistakes that they have made and some of the success stories others have found. If you would like more information, please call us at 866.205.0862.

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